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Assembled in USA 3PLY Face Mask 25CT


DISPOSABLE FACE PROTECTOR - Great for everyday environmental protection. Creating a barrier between you and airborne pollutants and allergens, aiding your breathing while protecting people in your surroundings from coughs and sneezes. *NOT INTENDED FOR MEDICAL USE*

3 LAYER CONSTRUCTION - Our face protectors are made of an outer layer of non woven fabric, a middle layer made of filter fabric, and an inner layer made of a soft, skin gentle facial tissue. Fluid resistant, unlike cloth protectors, to provide protection against large droplets or sprays of bodily fluids.

COMFORT THAT FITS -  Comfortable extra soft elastic ear loops with nonwoven dermis-friendly fibers are constructed to eliminate pressure to the outer ear.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL - The 3-Ply  face protectors comfortably fits most adults and children, this item also serves as an essential part of any household emergency or first aid kit.

SUITABLE USE - Face protector is suitable for almost any daily task use, especially when in public surroundings. These face protectors are not intended for medical use. They can be used in positions in which social distancing might be challenging to maintain. 

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