Chargeurs Debuts Wellness Textile Division, Partners With Marc Jacobs

The firm launched a new wellness division in the U.S. and partnered with Marc Jacobs for a limited-edition mask collection.

 Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, a business-to-business solution firm that specializes in the global supply of interlinings for the fashion industry, said it has launched its first U.S. consumer-facing division, Lainiere Health & Wellness, inclusive of a direct-to-consumer e-commerce web site that offers the new division’s collection of protective face masks.

And alongside the division’s debut, the firm also launched a partnership with Marc Jacobs to create limited-edition masks, and will donate anti-microbial material made by Laniere Health & Wellness to the designer for the face mask collection, with 100 percent of the proceeds of sales benefiting UNICEF USA as it responds to COVID-19 and assists the most at-risk communities, the company said.

 Its limited-edition Marc Jacobs face masks were designed using filters made with Lainiere Health & Wellness’s performance fabric, which reduces bacteria by 99 percent, according to the firm. The masks are handmade in New York with upcycled materials from past Marc Jacobs collections, and masks can be purchased exclusively at

Angela Chan, global president and managing director, Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, said, “As masks were becoming the new must-wear protective accessory, we at Chargeurs knew immediately that we needed to leverage our expertise and pivot our U.S. business so we could supply consumers and our brand partners with functional, fashionable mask options.”

The launch of its Lainiere Health & Wellness division is significant for Chargeurs, as it is the firm’s first move into the consumer health and wellness space in the U.S.

“Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Chargeurs has shifted a significant portion of its global textile production toward health and wellness–related protective equipment. To support U.S. manufacturing, Chargeurs will start producing face masks at its Troy, Ohio, factory by September,” the company added.

“The interlinings we make are typically hidden inside garments, but they are a crucial part of fashion and are used to create a protective interior layer in high quality face masks for the consumer market. We’re proud to now be partnering with Marc Jacobs to supply the brand with our anti-microbial products to be used in masks that will be sold to benefit UNICEF USA.”

Chan, who has a background in fashion design, also created a fashion performance line for the Lainiere Health & Wellness face mask collection, which includes 16 styles in fabrics such as lace and silk, as well as hand-stitched embellishments, embroidery and sequins. Consumers can purchase the full range of Lainiere Health & Wellness masks directly from the company’s new website.